What is the difference between a tutor and a teacher?

A teacher and a tutor who use spanish translator are similar professions. Representatives of both professions pass on their knowledge to people. Both of them are teachers. However, there are significant differences between a teacher and a tutor. Let’s consider them.

The most important difference between a tutor and a teacher is that a teacher is a certified specialist, while a tutor may well not have a specialized education. A tutor can be a person with any education or even without it at all. A schoolboy or a student can earn extra money as a tutor, if only they undertake the obligation to perform a certain amount of feasible work: to help elementary school students with homework or to pull up a student who is lagging behind the program. More qualified tutors prepare for exams, universities and colleges, but they are also not necessarily certified teachers. Also, tutors often become native speakers of foreign languages ​​who do not have a specialized education, but who are fluent in the language as a communication tool. But is it enough just to know the language to teach it? Or is it necessary to have a diploma in order to teach other people? And what is more important – a diploma or knowledge of the subject?

Of course, both are important. However, students of pedagogical universities during their studies at the university master a wide range of educational methods. This allows them, having become teachers, to vary the curricula, to select an individual training program for each student. The teacher knows how to work with different types of perception (visuals, auditory, kinesthetics and discretes), how to work with introverts and extroverts, how to work with those who are preparing for exams and who want to improve their speaking. The average tutor, on the other hand, can only follow the program from the textbook. A tutor, as a rule, does not own educational methods or has a limited number of them, and therefore the effectiveness of classes with a tutor is often several times lower than the effectiveness of classes with a teacher.