Professional translation is a special kind of translation

Contrary to popular belief, a professional translation is not any translation filipino to english performed due to official duties and during working hours.

Professional translation is a special kind of translation activity with high quality requirements, including accuracy, idiomaticity, speed, style, competent external design, etc.

Professional translation is a translation performed at a professional level by a translator who has the necessary qualifications and experience for this.

Depending on the degree of difficulty of the source text, to ensure the professional level of translation, the use of auxiliary tools (paper and electronic dictionaries, Internet sources, consultations of specialists in this subject area, etc.) may be required.

The final quality of a translation directly depends on whether the translator has enough time to complete it thoughtfully.

Good knowledge of a foreign language helps in translation, but knowledge of the language alone without professional translation skills is not enough. A translator can have a lot of certificates and testimonies confirming a brilliant knowledge of a foreign language, but not be able to translate a simple conversation in “combat conditions”.

For successful professional translation, it is not enough to complete some courses once and “master” consecutive or simultaneous translation on the fly.

The quality of translation does not depend on the rank and regalia of the translator. The translator can be a professor, academician, translator of the President, but at the same time not provide a professional level of translation.

A professional translator must constantly work to maintain existing professional skills and adapt them to the changing situation in the translation market.