Who doesn’t need good pronunciation

The fact that in our time no one else cares about pronunciation can be heard even from teachers.

The English language and english to hindi are actually less fortunate in this matter. Having conquered half the world, he inevitably resigned himself to the fact that people speak English as they have to. Native speakers have to smile politely.

Who can really safely ignore their pronunciation?

Firstly, those who have a foreign language – most often it is just English, are needed only for travel and some minimal communication NOT with native speakers. When both interlocutors speak “international English”, it does not matter what pronunciation anyone has, it is important that everyone understands everything correctly.

Secondly, oddly enough, they are polyglots and translators, especially those who work with several languages. They really don’t care about pronunciation, and at best they have a kind of “foreign” pronunciation, which is simply different from Russian and is used for any language they speak.