Southeast Michigan is missing out on many of the benefits associated with connected,
regional transit
because we don't invest enough.
Connect People to Jobs

Many employees travel across the region for work. 72% of employees who work in the City don’t live in the City, while 62% of Detroit’s residents work outside the city.

Greater Independence

92% of jobs cannot be reached within an hour of transit. Detroit’s regional transit ranks among the worst of large metro regions nationally.

Creates Good-Paying Jobs

Connected, regional transit creates short-term construction jobs and long-term operation and maintenance jobs in the region.

Billions in Economic Benefit

National studies show that communities can expect $4 in economic benefit for every $1 invested in regional transit.


Connecting Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties with reliable regional transit will cost the average homeowner $96 per year.
Southeast Michigan will benefit from regional transit

Voting YES to improve regional transit in Southeast Michigan will help real people — seniors, people with disabilities, employees, the unemployed, employers and students — who struggle everyday to get where they need to go.

Seamless regional transit will support 67,800 regional jobs, add $6 billion in Gross Regional Product and help support an increase in personal income of $4.4 billion.

The Master Plan will help solve these problems by connecting nearly four million people with 23 colleges, 310 schools, 22 hospitals, 100+ grocery stores, 410+ parks and 47 libraries.

  • Walkability

    60% of people will be in walking distance to transit

  • Job Access

    75% of jobs will be served by regional transit

  • Medical Access

    22 hospitals will be served directly by transit, ensuring access for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

  • Higher Education

    23 Colleges will be served by transit, making college and employment easier to access for low-income students.

In Their Own Words

Why reliable, regional transit matters to people throughout Southeast Michigan.