Indeed, why learn French including french to english when English and German have been at the peak of popularity for a long time. Many do not dare to deviate from the foundations of society and forget in what language they would like to express their thoughts. Let’s find out if the opinion of the majority is wrong, and yet, is it worth going to French?

Many people talk about the importance of knowing English, but these many forget to mention that such knowledge is taken for granted in our time, while French or, for example, Spanish are deprived of attention. Although, these two languages ​​​​are not inferior in prevalence and popularity to the notorious English and German languages.

Knowledge of French in addition to basic English is a prestigious and powerful argument in disputes with people who know only English. Most began to forget about the beauty and status of this language. There was a time when the study of this language was mandatory and in high society it was impossible to survive without it, you would simply not be accepted in it. The importance of learning has disappeared, but the status that is awarded to the owner of such knowledge has not disappeared and will not disappear.

Have you always dreamed of visiting the fashion capital of the world – Milan or just enjoying the beautiful views of the Champs Elysees? Then you should definitely look into French language courses, because when you find yourself in France, knowing English will help you find the way, but if you want to know the nature of these people, study the culture and understand how they think, no one will go into long dialogues in a non-native language, the French love and honor their language.

France is not the only destination where you will be accepted as one with such knowledge and english to french. Switzerland, Canada, Africa, Monaco, and according to statistics, every hundredth person on earth has French as his native language. Knowledge of French opens up a wide horizon of opportunities related not only to travel!

French universities are famous for their excellent, and most importantly – free education and, by the way, it is very realistic to enter them! The prestige of a French diploma does not fade for a minute, which means that with it all the possibilities in Europe are open to you, and this is worth a lot.

All of the above is not particularly significant for you and you still hesitate? Well, then we have one more argument in favor of this delightful language.

Reading French works in the original, immersing yourself in this song-sounding and painfully beautiful language is worth it, because this very beauty of the French language and its thoughts cannot be conveyed by any translation.