Analysis of the translation market. Egypt

Egypt is, first of all, a country of tourism and english to arabic translation, annually receiving thousands of people who come there on vacation, therefore, interpretation in the field of tourism is especially in demand there. However, recently its position has been somewhat shaken due to the situation in the country and a slight decrease in the number of tourists. But computer technologies and industry began to develop actively.

The largest translation agencies in Egypt are located in Cairo and Giza. Many of them have their own sites on the Internet, which, most often, have versions in Arabic and English.

The average salary for a translator and interpreter in Egypt is $ 10,150 per year. The price for translation services does not always depend on the volume of the text; working languages ​​are more important, as well as the type of translation and the availability of additional services (editing, proofreading).

There are many so-called one-day translation companies in Egypt. However, despite the fact that they disappear as quickly as they appear, these agencies still ensure that translations are performed at an acceptable level, they have the skills to work with special programs, for example, SDL Trados, in contrast to translation companies, for example, in Turkmenistan. where the technical equipment is in its infancy, and therefore also usually enjoy a certain degree of trust, although usually they do not have a serious clientele.

The main working languages ​​are Arabic, English, Spanish, Pashto, German, French, Turkish.

The main directions are tourism, computer technologies, the need for which has increased especially recently, education, shipbuilding, telecommunications, transport, industry, localization and translation of sites, more and more recently, services for the translation and dubbing of video and audio materials, work with subtitles. Still, the fastest growing number of technical translations in the field of computer technology, electronics and heavy industry.

Translation agencies in Egypt cooperate with many travel agencies and industries both domestically and abroad. The country’s economy is developing quite actively, in connection with which its relations with foreign companies are expanding. Today, translation services in Egypt play a rather important role in the development of the state, being a means of exchange of information that allows the country to develop at a fairly serious pace and strengthen its importance within the African continent and in the world as a whole.