Raid on Villages

Coin Master is a mobile game that is all about building the village and taking revenge from the opponents and raid on their village.

It’s a mobile game, and the developers of the game are Moon Active, and they have made it so amazing. In the current time, there are millions of gamers who are playing, and the most interesting thing in-game is its revenge feature.

Collect coins by destroying the village of the opponent and be a coin master. There are so many tips that are available to make the village strong and raid on the opponent, to understand all of the ways just read below –

Raid on the opponent

In order to earn a lot of coins, the best way is to raid the village of opponents. At the beginning of the game, you will face the same level as the villages.

There are so many things in the game that depend on the experience points. In order to reach high levels, you have to defeat so many villages and earn lots of coins.

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Ways to defeat the opponent’s village

  • Upgrade the power of hammer to deal great damage
  • Before taking the revenge just watch the level of the opponent
  • Spin then slot machine and get extra power to destroy
  • Play with and loot the highest number of coins

Millions of gamers play the game, and you will surely find a perfect opponent to destroy. There are some players who will activate their shield, and you will not be able to attack them.

So after the shield is over, just take your chance and loot opponent and increase your collection of coins.

Make your village strong and add new things to defend

It is true that defending is way too tough from the attacking because we can’t predict how strong the opponent is.

So in order to make the strong village player have to upgrade and add new things that will defend the village from the opponent.

If you play the game, you will remember the slot machine it helps a lot to defend the village with the help of shields.

The shield is an important part of the game to defend the village because the opponent can attack any time and enormous power.

Now if you are willing to make the village strong just read the legit coin master hack below to get the best way to defend –

  • Unlock the pets to get the extra protection of the village
  • Spin the slot machine and achieve shield to defend the village
  • Upgrade the village to make the village strong

All these ways to save the village helps a lot in defending. Now we have cleared both of the concepts regarding offending and defending the vital part of the game, which is a village.

And the next thing to do is to play with perfect strategy and collect the coins to reach the higher levels of the leader board of the game.

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