Best Resources of Last Day on Earth

best resources of last day on earth survival

In the Last Day on Earth game, there are plethora kinds of resources of the game. Hence, we can say that in the game, players need to grab various kinds of resources that can make the survival longer.

Resources play a very crucial role in the life of the Last Day on Earth gamers, so be ready to take its benefits. Well, you can easily protect the resource and increase the progress of the game by completing various kinds of tasks.

It can easily give you the best outcomes, so if you have built the small house in the base and you just want to keep all the chests in the house, then you need to pre assumed it.

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Make the Water, Food and Health your first priority in-game!

If you have newly engaged with the Last Day on Earth game, then you will get the chance to enhance the level in the game and longer survival as well.

Let me explain some great resources and the activities that can support the players to attain them all –

  • Water – As we have started from the water so it would be a really valuable resource that can help the player to survive longer in the game.

It is possible to obtain the water by check the inbox. You can easily take the water bottles with yourself. Even in the inventory, you can easily get the water, so be ready to take its advantages.

Instead of this, you can easily use the water bottles to have more and more water in the game. Never throw the bottles in the game and you can easily build the rain catcher device that can easily help you to attain more and more water.

  • Food – another crucial item is the food, so if you think you want something that can help you to boost the health then only food can prove really supportive for you.

Therefore, be ready to kill the enemies and get their meat as a food source. Not only this, you can easily cook meat, or you can explore or collect the seed.

Consequently, players can easily build the garden bed and grow varieties of vegetables wisely or even the berries. Read more facts related to the food by reading the reviews online, so this would be best for you.

  • Health – this is becoming very easy to craft the bandages by using the piece of cloth in the game and use it as the health kit.

Instead of this, by eating the food and leveling up, you can easily get the chance to enhance the health wisely. Furthermore, you can use the first-aid that comes from the in game last day on earth hack that is called air drop for getting better health.

Moreover, every player of the Last Day on Earth should make all these things their first priority for better outcomes.

Due to this, you are able to enhance your survival longer, so this would be really valuable for you on which you can pay attention on.…

Top Features of Call of Duty Ghosts Game

It will not be a wrong claim to make that Call of Duty game has been able to enjoy immense popularity among all concerned game lovers.

There hardly can be a better option as compared to the above-mentioned gaming software if you are interested in benefiting from a real-life gaming thrill and experience.

In a bid to impart a new touch to the old version of the game, there have been a myriad of features included.

call of duty mobile


Create Unique Character

One of the important aspects that remain associated along with call of duty ghost multiplayer is the squad point.

With the help of the point, you can expect to avail the rewarding advantages of being able to unlock strike packages, innovative characters, attachments and weapons, as well.

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These types of points can be found in the leftmost corner of your screen. You need to know that the same is represented with the help of a gold coin. One of the other features you can find along with call of duty ghost xbox 360 is the facility of being able to create your own character.

In order to develop the character, there is no need to wear a male mask. Call of Duty Mobile is the newest launched version of COD. Now anyone with a smartphone can enjoy the game on their mobile devices also, Do not forget to check out latest cod mobile hack and cheats explained by where they explain how easy its to earn free cod points and credits in the game.

Visit Different Websites

If you are interested in experiencing the ultimate delight of the game, it is a nice thought to download the call of duty ghosts multiplayer game.

It is advisable to consider visiting a number of reputed websites, in order, to be able to benefit from different types of game levels. Also, there remains the provision of being able to install the call of duty ghost ps 3 in various types of PlayStation versions, as well.


Call of Duty truly offers you with the advantage of an exciting gaming experience, and it will be possible for you to take ultimate delight of the playing time.…

Coin Master – Raid the Opponent Villages And Make a Strongest Village

Raid on Villages

Coin Master is a mobile game that is all about building the village and taking revenge from the opponents and raid on their village.

It’s a mobile game, and the developers of the game are Moon Active, and they have made it so amazing. In the current time, there are millions of gamers who are playing, and the most interesting thing in-game is its revenge feature.

Collect coins by destroying the village of the opponent and be a coin master. There are so many tips that are available to make the village strong and raid on the opponent, to understand all of the ways just read below –

Raid on the opponent

In order to earn a lot of coins, the best way is to raid the village of opponents. At the beginning of the game, you will face the same level as the villages.

There are so many things in the game that depend on the experience points. In order to reach high levels, you have to defeat so many villages and earn lots of coins.

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Ways to defeat the opponent’s village

  • Upgrade the power of hammer to deal great damage
  • Before taking the revenge just watch the level of the opponent
  • Spin then slot machine and get extra power to destroy
  • Play with and loot the highest number of coins

Millions of gamers play the game, and you will surely find a perfect opponent to destroy. There are some players who will activate their shield, and you will not be able to attack them.

So after the shield is over, just take your chance and loot opponent and increase your collection of coins.

Make your village strong and add new things to defend

It is true that defending is way too tough from the attacking because we can’t predict how strong the opponent is.

So in order to make the strong village player have to upgrade and add new things that will defend the village from the opponent.

If you play the game, you will remember the slot machine it helps a lot to defend the village with the help of shields.

The shield is an important part of the game to defend the village because the opponent can attack any time and enormous power.

Now if you are willing to make the village strong just read the legit coin master hack below to get the best way to defend –

  • Unlock the pets to get the extra protection of the village
  • Spin the slot machine and achieve shield to defend the village
  • Upgrade the village to make the village strong

All these ways to save the village helps a lot in defending. Now we have cleared both of the concepts regarding offending and defending the vital part of the game, which is a village.

And the next thing to do is to play with perfect strategy and collect the coins to reach the higher levels of the leader board of the game.…

Golf Clash Unknown Tricks You Should Know About

How to get free resources in golf clash game

Golf Clash is an exciting multiplayer golf game where users can face real-time gameplay to enjoy more. Players can run the game on Facebook, Android and iOS devices.

There is no need to pay any charge for downloading or playing the game as Playdemic freely introduces it. Yes, some of in-game currencies or features are optional to buy but not compulsory.

Many leagues, tournaments, missions, tasks are added in the game which offer more fun to all players. They can quickly reduce all mental stress by playing the game in free time.

There are various facts available in Golf Clash game, which makes it fabulous as compared to other games.

Here we are going to mention the top facts that every user needs to know before playing the game. It creates suspense in players for playing the advanced features of Golf Clash game.


Well, all players must understand simple gameplay or tutorial. Understating tutorial correctly allows them to learn all basics, controls, and system.

Without knowledge of basics, you cannot progress in the game faster. Also, know better about how to hack golf clash legally in the game using some legit methods that are 100% legal to earn free gems and coins in the game.

Drag and release

The features and playing method of Golf Clash are simple to use as players need just to drag and release the ball.

Go with the flow and make the best shot, which directly leads to a winning result. They need to make a best shot enough in which the ball directly go to final tip hole.

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Timing is everything

There is an exciting fact hidden in-game and, i.e. timing. Timing means everything to players as if they learn to make a shot in perfect timing; they can easily win the tournament.

Players need to learn when to make a shot in which the ball directly kisses the hole. In other words, mastering the game controls is all about the timing of users.

If players need to succeed in the game, they need to learn this hidden fact accurately.


Lots of driver, clubs, balls, pins, and bat are waiting for updates. Gamers need to upgrade the club and driver root to play faster or to beat all enemies quickly.

If players don’t have more game currency to purchase different items; they need to go for upgrades the things.

It may increase the chances of winning without getting more stressed.


Leagues are enjoyable for playing as gamers can challenge other players to win the golf match. Participating and winning leagues by completing tasks can help you to earn more gems, coins, bonuses and prizes.

For participating in some tournaments, players need to pay a specific amount of entry fee so don’t forget to save game currencies.

Game currencies

Gems and Coins are two main currencies of the game from which many game tasks can be performed, and superior items can be purchased.

Each currency plays a vital role in the play, so try to earn both of currencies. Many ways are available in-game from which you can obtain gems and coins in the right amount without taking more stressed.…

Know How To Earn Lots Of Currency Through Golf Clash Hack And Cheats.


When you finally get your hands on a reliable golf clash hack, you start experimenting with it. Now, this is a natural phenomenon and you might be one of the other hacking tool users with multiple questions.

How can you use this hacking tool? Is it true that this tool will help you to get unlimited coins and gems in golf clash game? Is this tool safe to use? Well, once you go through this review article, you can get all your queries solved right here and right now.

It is not that difficult to get the best cheats when you have expert players to guide you through the process. If you want to learn more about the cheats, then using it is the only way out.

Think about the features:

Before you even think about using golf clash hack, it is time to dedicate some of your research towards its features. Be sure to check on these features first before it gets too late.

  • You are likely to receive unlimited coins and gems with the help of this cheat.
  • This tool is designed to be 100% safe and free for you to use. It is because of its secured protection with anti-ban policy.
  • This hacking tool is fast to use and even easier for you to work on it.
  • You don’t need any form of jailbreak or root, while using this tool.

Will it work?

Now, this seems to be the very first question in your mind when you hear about hacking tool. Will it really work?

Well, the reliable hacking tools are designed in such a manner so that these are going to work really well for you.

  • But for that, you have to check out the credentials of the hacking tool, as you need to choose the best one among the lot.
  • For that, going through the reviews and checking on what others have to say about the tool is mandatory.
  • After that, you have to check out on its years of working credits. If the hacking tool is in use for decades, then you are saved.

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Is it free of cost?

Well, this is the best part while dealing with hacking tools. This kind of software is completely free and won’t cost you a single penny. It is the best initiative to help you save money.

  • If you don’t want to invest your hard earned money on buying gems and coins, this tool is one for you.
  • You can save your money and get unlimited gems and coins for advancing to next rounds and win.
  • As the tool is easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about its functionalities, even if this is your first time.

Always there to help:

If you are facing any challenge and have queries in mind like how to hack golf clash, then the hacking tool developers are always there to help. They are more than happy to answer all your queries and present you with the best and rewarding answer over here.…

Plant vs. Zombies 2 – Main 2 Types of In-game Currency!

If you are a Plant vs. Zombies 2 player, then you require a good amount of currency in both types. Now, you have to know that the currency in the game is of 2 types and that are coins and gems.

Both these types play a significant role in Plant vs. Zombies 2, so it is vital for the gamers to grab them in a good amount by applying some good methods in Plant vs. Zombies 2.

There are numerous methods, or you can say ways by which players simply earn a good amount of coins as well as gems in Plant vs. Zombies 2. So, below are the main plants vs zombies 2 cheats by which you earn coins and gems –

  1. Use Facebook – Gamers have to know that they simply earn coins and gems in the game connecting the game with Facebook. It is a good method to earn currency as well as rewards in it.
  2. The game deals in an in-app purchases feature, so players simply buy a good amount of currency and all other essential rewards by spending their real-life money. If you also want to make use of the same feature, then you require a good amount of money.
  3. Also, players of Plant vs. Zombies 2 earn gems and coins in it by using the winning more and more matches or by completing more levels in it.

So, via all these 3 methods or ways one can easily earn a sufficient among of coins as well gems in Plant vs. Zombies 2.

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Now only is this, there are many methods to earn currency in the game. Players also earn currency in Plant vs. Zombies 2 by completing more numbers of events, objectives, and challenges in it. Also, if you complete all objectives, events, and challenges, then you easily go ahead in Plant vs zombies 2.…

Kinds Of Currencies Are Used In My Story: Choose Your Own Path Game! 3 Features To Know

A type of story-based game which allows a user to enjoy and create their adventurous life is My Story: Choose Your Own Path Game. In the game, every player needs to choose their favorite character and need to dress up them.

One can better play the game on any iOS and Android devices. There is no need to spend any cent to download the game or to run it.

But when comes to unlock various stories one can purchase the premium currency of play.

In more cases, there is no need to buy it, but when one addicted to game features, then they can do it.

More of advanced features are available in the game which helps a user to enjoy playing it. If you don’t know how to play the game, mentioned some tips will help you a lot.

Play the tutorial

Don’t try to skip up the tutorial of game which teaches functions and tools to play it. Paying attention to the tutorial helps a user to learn how to play the game and how to become a master.

As far as getting currencies like diamonds in this game, you can consider using my story choose your own path diamonds generator as an option.

Whereas this function includes the places, characters, features, items and all about the play.

Create a personality

When you choose up any one of the favorite characters, then you should also need to dress up them.

It will help a user to create characters personality and perform every task gently.

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Decide the next step!

Be prepared for the next action that you need to choose while playing any story. It helps to predict whether the answer choose Is correct for the story or not.

Don’t waste more time to think about how to choose the one choice, try to feel the story in real life. From that, you can select the right option, which helps to create a fantastic story.

Ways to Earn in the Game currency in Episode Choose your story

Interactive games like Episode choose your story is entertaining the users.  More than 20 million people are playing such an incredible game.

It is fairly great where one has to customize the avatar and consider the outfit. Make sure that you are developing a strong bonding with a character.

All you need to invest proper time in creating the character. It is associated with a lot of collection of the stories.

According to professionals, such a game is getting popularity in teenagers.  To unlock more stories in the game, the user needs to make the use of gems and passes.

You will able to create your own stories and customizing the character.  One can share the story with friends and can create a strong bonding with them.

To earn the in-game currency in Episode choose your story, one must read forthcoming paragraphs carefully.

  • Gems

As per professionals, gems are one of the most important or premium currencies in the game. Before playing any difficult story, one should collect the proper gems.

To collect the gems, you should watch the advertisement after that one can earn a lot of gems in the game.

  • Pay attention to passes

In order to unlock stories in the game, you need to earn the passes.  Collecting passes can be a difficult task for the newbies.

You will able to earn one pass within 4 hours. Make sure that you are playing the game wisely.

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  • Consider the episodes

All you need to play the episodes according to the experience.  If you are enough experienced and skilled player, try to create your own story and earn gems or passes.

Additionally, mainly Episode chooses your story depends on the currency.

Virtual currency is relatively important that will help you in performing a lot of interesting activities.

Reference :

Choices: Stories You Play – All You Need to Know about!

Talking about the best simulation game then the first game that comes to mind is Choices: Stories You Play.

It is the top-class production of Pixelberry and aims to provide the best gaming experience.

The game spreads all across the world as it contains lots of stunning features in it. All these features make it classic and interesting in playing.

One main thing about the game that people should know is that they can easily play it as it contains easy gameplay.

In the game, you have to complete more and more stories in it in a proper way to go far in it. After competing, the one story properly one should unlock the next story using the keys and diamonds.

Keys and diamonds are the main two types of in-game currency in it which is vital for the users to earn in a good amount.

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Other considerations

In the game, players have to try to earn both types of currency in good amount. They have to join the game with their Facebook account and also add their g-mail account in it to get it a good amount of currency.

One main thing is that gamers need to know how to make a deal with the gameplay when they start playing Choices: Stories You Play.

As the game contains thousands of new and classic stories in it, so players need to complete more numbers of stories as to go further in it. The stories in the game depend on horror, romance, drama, love, and adventure, etc.

Players are free to choose any type of story and then complete them in an appropriate way. It is the only way to move on to the next level in it and also to earn currency in it easily.

Visit :

Dragon City Mobile- Everything You Need To Know!

dragon city cheats

A Dragon City is a mobile game made by social industries to provide more enjoyment to game lovers.

One who loves to play different games must try the game for more experience and unlimited fun.

In this game, a player gets a dragon child, which he/she needs to grow up by feeding them food. For buying the food, one needs to use such a game currency.

In last when they are ready, the user needs to train them for battle with other dragons.

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Each winning of the dragon will unlock rare dragons and various levels. In the game there are five types of currencies are used.

  1. Gold
  2. Food
  3. Gem
  4. Experience
  5. Number of dragons

For earning the gold, a player needs to quest more and need to win the battles. Or for the food they need to reach game farmhouse; also they can earn food through questing.

If we talk about the gem, then unlocking each level provides one gem. EXP allows a player to find many rare dragons and helps users to unlock multiple levels.

For earning EXP, one needs to buy a farmhouse and needs to sell them. By repeating all the things helps a user to enjoy the experience of a game and keep playing them. See more legit cheats for dragon city here.


The huge part of Dragon city mobile game is battling with other dragons. Generally, low attack dragons hold high health points, and high attack dragons hold low health points.

Different breeding of dragons contains various skills, resistance, weakness, and attacks based on elementals.

One need to breed more to dragons to keep them growing and making them stronger for the battles.


With a general guide, we can easily conclude that a game lover can enjoy more by experiencing Dragon city for the first time.…