Guns of Glory – Ways Defeat Enemies and Complete Every Mission


The Guns of Glory is a unique kind of strategy game with an amazing g role-play concept which is published by the century games.

In the mobile gaming industry, there are so many games that are like this, but Guns of Glory is the first that came before all other games.

Players have to be the lord of the kingdom, and for that, they have to make every possible thing to make the army strong and buildings for civilization.

There are so many things that are in Guns of Glory, but the main thing is fighting because that is what kings do.

There are so many amazing missions are available in the game, and players to have to complete them in order to be a great lord.

Defeat the enemies

As I mentioned that it’s a battle game, and you have to play battle matches to make everything and also to be a lord of the kingdom.

In order to defeat the enemy, players have to make an army and building in the kingdom because it will increase the level.

Every player who plays Guns of Glory knows that fighting is in it, but to win the battle, it requires lots of effort and time that players have to spend.

Every enemy makes efforts to make their kingdom strong, and you also have to put effort into making your kingdom.

Now some of the cheats for guns of glory are mentioned below that will help you to defeat the opponents –

Get the weapons

Weapons are very important in battles, and if you want to win battles, then it is essential to have weapons.

In Guns of Glory, so many weapons are available, and every weapon that character uses in the game is unique and powerful.

The developer century games have made the game so entertaining, and the design of every weapon is also unique, so players even play it more.

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Make army strong

In order to attack an opponent, players have to unlock the army and make a huge collection of troops.

At the beginning of the game, the army can be small, but at that level, that number of the army is sufficient.

While playing the game, you will recognize that the opponents are also getting very tough, and you also have to make your army strong.

In order to defeat a huge and strong kingdom, you have to make your army bigger and upgraded that can easily take down any player of the game.

Complete missions

If you play Guns of Glory, then after completing a few levels, missions will be unlocked, and they are very amazing because there are so many missions are available in the game.

Every mission has different a story, and if you complete that, you will know the game even better.

They provide great rewards also if you complete the missions. Everyone plays it to make the kingdom better, and you have to try it too.

There are some special missions available in Guns of Glory, and if you complete them, you can earn money.…

Learn The Pure Basics Of The Fortnite

Basics of fortnite gaming

Fortnite is a new mobile title by Epic games which is available for different gaming consoles.

Well, the game is all about surviving for a long time by competing against the opponents. In order to start playing the game, players should download it and then start learning its pure basics.

The game features allow you to play the game solo or with your friends and siblings to make the game experience more interesting.

There are several modes offered by the game developers with unique gameplay and addictive elements. It is one of the top best games that can easily fall you in love with it.

To become a top-notch player in the game, players should follow some tips and tricks.

They can also check out the online guides provided by the experienced players to get assistance. With the help of this, they can easily get success in the game.

 What’s More to Know About?  

If you are new to fortnite, then it is important to complete the tutorial first. Well, it is one of the best features that can help you a lot in the game. It will give you an idea about the real gameplay and the other aspects. After considering all these things, beginners can easily make progress faster. Players should always make strategies to get free v bucks to increase the balance in their account. There are many methods that can help them to get unlimited resources or currency.

You should always look for the best method to load the game account. All these things can lead you to the way of success in the game. Try to be smart while playing the game and it is the best tip that you should never forget in excitement.

Do practice

When you start playing the game, then there are lots of things that you must do. Practice is one of the important things which you should never ignore.  By doing practice, you can be a master in the game only within a few days.  It will help you to earn enough resources and currencies that can help you to complete all the tasks with ease. Before getting started with the map, you should access the pre-deployment area. Here you can find various kinds of weapons and use them for once to do a little practice.

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With the help of this, you can learn lots of new things which will definitely boost your performance in the game. It is an evergreen tip which you should always follow to make improvements and to boost your ranking.

Fortnite Tips, tricks, and hints

You can see that there are many players who have lots of queries that how to get free v bucks and to get success in the game. In this situation, they should follow some effective tips and tricks that they can check out on the internet. Some of the beneficial tips that every beginner must check out are as follow-

  • Complete the tutorial before heading to the real matches. It can help you to perform better in the game without having issues. With the help of this, you can learn all about the controls and gameplay instantly.
  • It is important for the players to earn V bucks. You can spend these bucks for various purposes in the game. You should always try to spend them wisely in order to get rid of the currency related issues.
  • Always play the game after making some strategies and it can help you to boost your winning chances. In this way, you can

Fortnite Free V Bucks Generator

Fortnite free v bucks generator is a term used to search on google and other search engines by many gamers these days, reason being the popularity of fortnite battle royale which broke all the records of gaming on youtube and twitch.

But before getting started with free v bucks generator, We want you to do some research before hand and then only try them. But we would recommend if you are not tech savvy or a person who don’t know much about game hacks and cheats then don’t even try it.

Free V Bucks Generator Introduction and Reality

Fortnite free v bucks generator is a hoax and you cannot generate free v bucks using any third party website or software. V bucks stands for vinder bucks which is the main currency in fortnite game.

If you want to get some cool skins then you must have v bucks in your fornite account to buy them. But they cost real world money and you just cannot get them by using such fake generators, which are getting spread by many hackers online.

free v bucks generator fortnite

Intead of hacking into the fortnite they will hack your fortnite account and you will loose all the access. And even in bad case scenario if epic games caught you in such malicious activity they can even permanently ban your fortnite account. So stay away from free v bucks generator and If you are still interested to get free v bucks using some real legit methods then you can try these top 10 ways to get free v bucks in fortnite Legally. Hope it will help you in the begining to gain some free v bucks in the game.

The A To Z Guide For Fortnite Battle Royale Game

Fortnite Battle Royale is the top trending game which is all about fighting, killing the enemies and also includes lots of other interesting gameplay elements. If you want to play this game then you need to know about its various aspects. With the help of this, you can easily tackle all the situations of the game with ease. It is also important to make some plans and strategies before going to get started. It is important to have some strategies in mind because you have to kill more than 100 players.

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Well, this is a multiplayer game that you can also play with your friends or relatives in order to have fun. You can play this game anytime as according to your desire on your mobile devices. In order to play this game, you have to download it from the Google play store or apple app store. It is also designed by the developers to play on some other gaming platforms which are also one of the big advantages.

Learn about Weapons 

As you entered the battlefield, there are numerous kinds of weapons and armors hidden in the structures. You need to collect them to use for killing the opponents. Every player needs strong and powerful weapons in order to kill the enemies with ease. After landing on the island, you need to look for the nearby buildings in search of loot. There are varieties of weapons present to select from. By choosing the right weapon to use, you can easily make progress by killing the enemies present on the land.

Fortnite Tips You Should Use in Game

It is important to consider the time factor while playing the game.  Players don’t have enough time to sit and think which loot is beneficial for them. It is the main reason that they should …

Everwing Cheats For Mobile Gamers

everwing cheats

Blackstorm Labs has released an incredible battle game in the form of Everwing, and we do have some useful information to share to assist out the true gamers.

The game is available on Facebook messenger where you will act as the guardians, and with your dragons, you will try hard to smash your opponents or monsters.

While playing with your Facebook friends, you need to find ways to dominate the game and collect coins, trophies, and eggs in quick time.

If you are the one lacking behind to get these game resources, it would be ideal to check a working Everwing hack and generate these resources in abundance.

In general, gamers do avoid these cheats and hack tools as they don’t know the right ways to use them or a bit worried about stuff like account banning and viruses.

Quality Everwing cheats, on the other hand, have many benefits to offer and they will only you unlimited game resources free of cost.

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True gamers need to search for these quality tools and even look to apply effective tips and tricks that will help them in gaining better understand of the battle game.

Personal Everwing Cheats review to Progress Conveniently

When it comes to playing smartphone games, most of the people choose Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, there is one more platform to play instant games online with friends. Yes, the facebook messenger platform is widely in use due to awesome games.

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EverWing is a trending game that is played by many. Battling against enemies is the main motto. Personally, I have played this game I find that the visuals are awesome and it is easy to interact.  Earning coins plays the vital role in being a good player. Well, my personal Everwing review will help in knowing the ideal method to play and win over the opponent. There are many vital facts that I have paid attention to. In the beginning, it was hard to find that what are the main factors to focus on but after completing many levels, it is easy to progress. The game is dense and complicated for a beginner so follow the given below method that I used.

What did I use To Earn Coins?

Everwing hack guide

There are so many methods to earn coins, and I find that no one is better than Everwing hack due to the effectiveness. On the other hand, it can help in getting unlimited resources. Starting from the first level, where the developer provides a common dragon, the best method in-game method to earn coin is battle. Blow away more enemies and earn coins.

Raid Boss Battle

The raid boss battle can be hard, and I find some awesome Everwing tricks online. I just entered into a Facebook chat group and invited all the friends to play raid boss battle. As I won and ready to collect the reward, I find that there is a glitch in the game. It keeps providing the coins again and again until I stopped playing. I learned it from a Facebook post, and the glitch still exists, and I am still using that to gain a higher amount of coins.

Faster Method to Earn Coins

Before knowing such tricks and glitches, I was relying on Everwing cheats because it is helpful in getting unlimited coins. You can also try it out because getting a higher number of resources is easier. On the other hand, it can …

Essential Things To Know About Moviestarplanet Hack

The world is changing very fast and the method of playing the game is also changed. Smartphone games are the new trend and moviestarplanet is a top rated game for both of the platform Android and IOS. The user is also capable of playing it on PC or Mac’s web browser. The goal a gamer has to achieve this game is to create a stunning movie. To create a beautiful movie, you need good looking characters. The user can buy awesome clothes and some gears. To avail lots of clothes the user has to spend starcoins and diamond in some cases. If you are playing this game and don’t have SC/diamond then Moviestarplanet hack will be the best option to avail it in free.

moviestarplanet tips and tricks

Is It Possible To Get Moviestarplanet VIP Membership In Free?

Almost every gamer of MSP has this question that is it possible to get Moviestarplanet VIP Membership without spending money on it. And to achieve this you must try out some tips or tricks some sites providing over internet like  this site,  The answer to this question is yes and this is possible with the help of hack tool.  Only a hack tool is capable of generating free membership but this will last long till one month. On the other hand, must check every positive/negative aspect of the tool so that right call is made. The use of spam tool can be troublesome because your account will be blocked from playing it. In this condition, the user has to create a new account and collect each and every cloth again.

Earning Starcoins By Watching Movies

As you know that there is the section of movies and if you want to earn starcoins from it then open city screen and visit movies section. Here you will find movies created by other users and movie length is also provided there. These are top movies so click on any one of them to watch it. Try to find a movie which is short in length like 1 minute and watch it till the end. The rating given by you will be a number of starcoins you will earn through rating it. If the rating is honest and matches with rating the developers think then you will be rewarded as 10 starcoins. For example, if a movie is pretty fine and the story wasn’t interesting then it deserves two stars out of five. Rate it and if this is really honest one then 10 starcoins but wrong rating will give you only 2 starcoins. Instead of relying on this thing, you can get help from moviestarplanet hack to complete this game.

Rely On Moviestarplanet Cheats To Gain Fame

With the use of msp cheats, the user will get rid of all things like quests, tasks and loving pets which is really annoying sometimes. Doing a thing for the first time is awesome but keep on playing simple task really annoy a lot. That user who doesn’t spend money on game keeps on playing it with the help of simple task. Well, if you know someone who is struggling with it then help him/her by sharing this tool with them.…